You may have heard people talk about the topic ‘sales funnels’, and, like many, you may be extremely confused about what one is and how it works. Well, let us give you a brief explanation.


There are 3 main stages to a sales funnel, and they each consist of a series of advertisements. These stages are known as top of funnel, middle of funnel, and bottom of funnel. They form a metaphorical ‘funnel’, in which prospects are narrowed down at each stage, making the adverts more specific the further towards the bottom of the funnel people get. Usually, these funnels are used in Facebook and Instagram campaigns, but the principles could be applied to any advertising campaigns.


Top Of Funnel

At the top of funnel (TOF), we are targeting a large number of people. These ads are usually quite broad and generic. We often say that these types of ads are to make people aware of you and your business, or the product you are promoting. At this stage, results, or conversions, in the form of sales, are rare, as the people seeing the ads are less targeted and specific, this is fine, as it brings us on to the next stage.


Middle Of Funnel

Here, we are sending ads to people who have engaged with the TOF ads. This may be just those who have clicked on those ads, or it may be more specific, in that you may target people who have clicked through and completed an action on your landing page. This could make your conversion rate better, as the people you are targeting may be more engaged with you. However, it will significantly narrow your audience.


Bottom Of Funnel

Here, we are targeting people who have engaged with both of your ads, but not yet purchased, or signed up, or done whatever it is you want them to do. They are engaged, but something is holding them back. This is why the final ad is usually presenting an offer to them, to try and give them an incentive to push them over the edge of anxiety, and buy from you. You have built up a rapport with them, and now you are providing them with the value they need.


The key reasons to use such a structure to your advertising revolve around the relationship that is built up with the individuals that see your ads. Over the series of ads, they are introduced to you, learn more about you, and then given a great opportunity with an offer that shows they are valued by you.


Also, it is much more methodical and efficient to use a sales funnel, along with more cost-effective, as, the alternative would be firing ads into roughly targeted audiences and hoping something sticks. While this may get some results, it’s bound to be costly.


This is just a tiny glimpse into a sales funnel, of course, there is so much more to know. Drop us a message if you want to find out more.

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