Google has always been a hugely effective medium of advertising for many companies. However, as with most platforms, there is always development to be done. So, we have put together some of the most effective methods, that we have found, improve Google ads performance significantly.



As you may well know, relevancy makes up a large part of your quality score, which, in turn, affects the way in which your ads are shown to people, where and when. So, in order to improve this, we find that matching keywords in your ads to the area in which people are searching from. How do you do this? By using geographic ad groups in your campaigns, one for each area in your targeted radius, and creating ads in each ad group, that are specific to that area. For example, a plumbing company, your headline may read ‘Plumbers in Epsom’, ‘Plumbers in Cambridge’ etc.


Furthermore, you can ensure a high relevancy score, by matching keywords to the landing pages that you are leading users to. This should also help to ensure people clicking through on your ads are not misled.


Optimise For Voice Search

With the rise of voice-enabled devices in people’s homes, more and more searches are being made by speaking to devices. 55% of homes are expected to have this type of device, so optimising your ads to these searches is becoming more crucial. Again, this can be hard to comprehend. But the biggest and best way to do this is to frame your keywords in the way people are likely to speak to voice-enabled devices, as in, they ask questions. Most searches on voice are done by asking the device a question. So, in order to match keywords to searches, make sure you consider how people are searching for your services or products.


Tie Ads To In-Store Offers

While online shopping is becoming a retail behemoth, in-store shopping is still huge. Especially for those who have ‘brick and mortar’ it is very important to ensure you keep footfall high in-store. Think about the buying process, and how often people research products online before buying them.


You can take advantage of this fact, by creating ads and landing pages which promote offers you have running on store. This makes people more likely to visit your store in person.


So, in all, Google ads are still a hugely effective method of promoting your brand, company, product or service. These methods should allow you to make the most of the platform, and take full advantage of the opportunities it provides.

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